[PODCAST] Sound Health Radio with Talk to me Guy Richard O and Dr. Mark Halpern

During the initial COVID lockdown, Dr. Mark made the conscious decision to turn what was becoming a disastrous situation, into an opportunity to face his biggest fears. He literally reviewed every book, therapy and method he had tried during his quest to reduce or eliminate the anxiety he experienced for over 30 years. It was a powerful process that enabled him to eliminate the circumstances, habits or experiences that didn’t serve him. And to create a Coherence between his heart, mind and body. Thus, The Coherence Revolution was born. The book and online course, Coherence Revolution: Finding Flow on Your Journey to the Present Moment, were created to teach people how to self-regulate and engage in the self-inquiry necessary to create an inspired, healthy and vibrant life.

Dr. Mark is here today to call us to join The Coherence Revolution, and to illuminate what that means for you.

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